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Karaoke Player and Database (Free)

Over 30,000 legal videos HD quality, the player is free while you can activate the video database as you wish, you can either chose between a week-end or monthly access, as well as download 1000 tracks for offline use.

activate free player >>>
activate free player >>

Free Karaoke Player

Include tempo and tuning to adapt any song to your voice range an style. The player is free and you have a pre-selection of free songs as well, but to unlock the full catalogue you will have to apply a for subscription plan.

30,000 videos

The largest karaoke video database, all songs remastered in studio. The average cost of file to download is $2.99, so imagine it would cost you over $90,000 to get the same catalogue on your hard drive !

Subscription pass

You can either subscribe for a week-end, a month or a pro yearly pass, cancel anytime. Starting price at $4.99 for a week-end private use, it is still only $99 for a month include public performance licsense, and yes, for 30,000 catalogue !