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KD for Songwriters

Songwriters to propose and share original songs and let others promote it

KD for Performers

Singers or KJs looking for new songs to perform and share their videos

KD for Fans

Audience to comment and share their favorite performer and songs

KD for Venues

Bars and venues to promote their special events, address and schedule

Karaoke Direct for Artist (songwriter)

Share your youtube /Facebook video link of your song (you must be the copyright owner), interact with Karaoke venue members to propose your karaoke video version to be played anywhere in the world. KJ will propose and perform your song and make it a local hit.

Submit as many songs you'de like, this is free and will always be. Imagine while travelling for your next holidays and discover your song in a local karaoke venue song list !


Karaoke Direct for Venue (KJ, Performer, Fan)

Discover emerging artists and original songs for your database. Help promoting talents in your venue, surprise your audience and make a difference.
Interact with the artists, let them know how their songs are performing in your club.

It would be great if the artist is showing up in your venue and perform his song live, it is like having a start at home, the effect on the public is just amazing.


Bulduri Musical Circus - Es gribu but as varu but



Original songs from artists